Meet Orit

International Coach, Author, and Creator of the Make it a Good One® Coaching Philosophy and The Box of Life Project®

For more than two decades, Orit has shared the lessons she learned in putting her entrepreneurial visions into action. She launched businesses in Argentina and the United States. In addition to her client-centered Make it a Good One® Coaching and Consulting business, she co-founded the executive coaching company Your People Your Solution, which enables employers to implement structured coaching programs across organizational teams.

Orit’s practice also draws on her previous outreach, leadership and fundraising experience as an executive director for nonprofit organizations. She has led volunteer engagement efforts and helped lead a successful campaign to fundraise a $7.5 million new community center for the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation.

Orit is a certified coach by the Newfield Network and a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. She embraces the long-standing approach to assisting clients holistically by combining professional coaching with personal development.

Orit also founded The Box of Life Project® with a forthcoming book outlining her methods for living a meaningful life while preserving one’s most treasured stories and memories for generations to come.

Coaching approach guided by a true “Citizen of the World”

Orit has lived in seven countries, from the Middle East to Latin America to the United States, where she currently resides. She has a unique understanding of human behavior — within our differences, we find common ground.

By learning to lead no matter the language, Orit gained a unique understanding of the importance of active listening. She teaches her clients to listen beyond the words said to the underlying meaning they convey as a powerful tool for creating connection.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew, Orit works with clients around the globe for leadership coaching, CEO coaching, career coaching, personal development and professional development. She thrives in partnering with individuals and organizations in crafting strategies and taking proper actions toward achieving goals.

She holds a master’s degree in educational psychology from Universidad CAECE in Buenos Aires. She serves on the Board of Visitors for the Duke University School of Nursing and coaches for DELTA Leadership Inc. as part of Duke’s FUQUA Business School Executive MBA, among other institutions.

Orit lives in Durham, North Carolina. She loves spending time with family and friends, volunteering and having fun with her husband and Addie, their furry family member. She is the happiest when her adult kids come to visit, and she has a full house.

Frequently Asked Questions about Working With Orit

Not at all! I’m currently based in the U.S., in North Carolina, but I’ve coached clients from around the globe. I have had clients from all continents and more than 20 countries. I welcome clients from anywhere in the world. Most sessions will take place via video call or face-to-face meeting (depending on your location). Some clients chose to fly me to their location for shadowing, a coaching retreat, or to spend a few days together exploring their goals and creating an action plan.

It all depends on your needs and wants. While exceptions exist, multiple sessions are often required to create meaningful progress on longstanding barriers you’ve struggled to overcome. I ask for a commitment of three sessions at a time.

Some of my clients chose to continue meeting until they achieve their goals and, afterward, have checkpoints as needed. Some clients like to keep me on a retainer or an as-needed basis. Others want to meet once a month and have a safe space to think and strategize.

Orit customizes the coaching process to the needs of each client. Each individual comes to the coaching relationship with their own set of priorities. Together, we will design the primary focus of our coaching relationship based on your goals. You will have control of the discussion, and you will be able to bring a pressing challenge you are facing. On top of the goals they have for coaching, I encourage my clients to also work through problems and challenges as they arise.

No. I assume my clients are experts in their functional area. My job as your coach is to provide different perspectives, point out what I see, and challenge and support you. My job is not to provide specific advice on your line of work. I will provide feedback and guidance and help you develop new ways to attack old problems.

As a certified coach, Orit’s work embraces the philosophy that to have a good life, you must make it a good life. Through her unique approach to empowerment coaching, each client gains insights from their experiences and challenges. She carefully guides clients as they identify their vision and create their roadmap toward achieving goals.

To enable success, this approach to coaching includes:

  • Creating a non-judgmental, confidential space to vent and reinvent.
  • Actively listening to what you say (or don’t) to help you hear it yourself.
  • Engaging in honest, thought-provoking conversations.
  • Providing a sounding board to achieve goals.
  • Sharing resources and support to move forward.
  • Offering accountability check-ins toward meeting objectives.

Not at all, but coaching can be therapeutic. Coaching focuses on helping individuals or groups achieve their goals, while psychotherapy or counseling assists with mental health issues.

Orit’s five-step process ensures the success of each coaching partnership.

  1. The Discovery Session: A complimentary, 30-minute Zoom call to determine which coaching approach fits you.
  2. The Exploration Session: After an intake questionnaire and agreement, this first session engages each new client in an in-depth, tailored interview to inform our work together.
  3. Coaching Sessions: Together, we will develop a plan of action to meet your goals during sessions of 45 to 60 minutes each. Session frequency varies though clients are requested to book three prepaid sessions upfront.
  4. You-work: Coaching will empower you to commit to actions between sessions to foster insight and keep you working to achieve your goals.
  5. Wrap-around Support: Between sessions, 5- to 10-minute phone calls or unlimited emails or text exchanges Monday through Friday help address in-the-moment challenges, find quick insights or celebrate successes.